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Spike one day got a hold of the Lament Configuration, which he was able to solve - leading to his meeting with Pinhead, who sent him to Hell immediately to be remade. Spike is a very unique cenobite, having a large and jagged golden spike jutting though a hole in his head. *

Massive double ring choker made from black PVC, big spikes and big screws.

Unique piece, only 1 !


- Handmade and 100% vegan

- Glossy PVC

- Stainless steel hardware, galvanized steel

- Spikes size : 70 mm

- Screw size : 70 mm

- Weight : 460g

Adjustable from 29 cm to 41 cm (no custom size possible)


*source : hellraiser.fandom.com, cenobite.fandom.com