Materials & Care

All accessories sold on WBC are cruelty-free, means that no animals were harmed in the production of the material used and so in the manufacturing process. Leather-free materials are hard to find but WBC is still looking for the best product quality.

Supply is mainly sourced in Europe. PVC : Germany; faux-leather : Poland; metal rings : Poland; rivets, eyelets, small metal hardware : France; buckles : France;  padlocks : France; heart padlock : China; spikes : China.


PVC is a strong and flexible material that doesn't tear easily. It comes in different primary colors and different thickness. It is waterproof but not UV-proof. Prolonged exposure to the sun as well as heat exposure will damage PVC easier and faster. PVC is a plastic material. Direct contact with the skin may cause irritation after a long use. I don't recommend wearing PVC accessories for a daily use.

- Faux-leather

WBC also uses a kind of plastic material as faux-leather. This material is a great replacement for leather due to its durability and its looking which imitates real leather. It consists of a PVC fabric coated with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is really strong and flexible. It is waterproof, sweatproof, UV-proof, heat-resistant and is also suitable for animals. This material meets the requirement for receiving the REACH and ROHS certificates.

- Hardware

Most of the hardware used is made of stainless steal (ex : buckles, loops, rings), sometimes made of zinc alloy (ex : heartlocks, small spikes), galavanized brass (XXL spikes). Most of the hardware is nickel free, but it is not impossible that some metal parts still contains nickel. If you are sensible to nickel or if you are not sure, you can add a thin layer of dermatological polish specifically made for preventing skin allergies (check ISOCLIP polish).

WBC is not responsible if you meets any medical issue when wearing the accessories.



In order to keep your accessories in good conditions and for a long time, you have to pay particular attention to care.

- PVC becomes dirty quite fast with dust in the air, finger marks, sweating...etc which is totally normal. Clean with water and soap after wear, then immediately dry with a soft and clean cloth. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth is the best way to easily remove dust and finger marks.

Take extra care when wearing white PVC. Unlike black color, white PVC is difficult to clean as a single mark is easily visible (face makeup, sweating...). If not cleaned after wear, stains may just not disappear.

- Faux-leather is easier to clean as it is waterproof. Clean the same way than PVC.

- Try to avoid using water on metal parts.

- Avoid sunlight or heat when storing your accessories, especially PVC ones. Remember that PVC is a plastic material and therefore it should not be exposed to heating source (heater, sun...). It can happen that yellow deposits form on the screws. Simply remove with a clean cloth.

- Regularly check the screws to ensure they are securely fastened as they may loosen overtime, which is normal. Use a screwdriver adapted to the shape and size of the screws (flat head or cross-headed screwdriver). You can get this tool at your local hardware store.

And finally, handle with care as everything is made by hand.