About WBC

"Weird stuff for weird people only"


WBC is designed for unusual people, for those who want to express themselves by adding some fantasy to their life, for those who want to be confident in their body no matter genders and origins. Be weird, be yourself


Launched in 2015, WeirdBrain Creation is a french based alternative fashion brand founded and run by one-woman designer. All WBC accessories are designed and manufactured in Paris at the owner's home.

Made from high quality european PVC and synthetic leather, WBC has undertaken to not use animal-based material. Each piece is put together with strong metal hardware and embellished with various ornaments such as spikes, rings, pearls, crystals and even fabric flowers. All of this made by hand with care, love and passion.

By fusing different underground cultures, WBC designs one-of-a-kind outfits for everyone dreaming owning artwears for a night or an everyday life. Fantasy, weirdness, sensuality, provocation are what defines WBC aesthetic.

With a strong presence on the Internet, WBC gained more than 14 500 supporters from more than 20 countries around the world. Thanks to a daily and genuine interaction with its community, WBC is a small business that is constantly growing.