Rental informations

-> For the moment, this service is available in France only and if you can come to the studio.

-> You must read the conditions below before rent. The booking by email will be considered as the acceptance of the rental conditions.

-> List of the items fo rent here


Rentals are open to everyone. Good for photo shootings, performances, music videos ...etc


Send your selection by email to or please use the form below with a short description of your project, the name of each item and the dates of rental.


- The maximum rental period is 4 days. It includes the day of the pick-up and the day of return.

- If you need more days, an additionnal fee of 10€ per day will be demanded.

- If the items are not returned in time, an additionnal fee of 10€ per late day will be demanded.


- You can book your selection if you want to be sure to get in on time for your project.

- In order to book your selection, you will be asked a deposit of 50% of the rental price with Lydia . The remaining 50% must be paid the day of the pick up, by cash or via Lydia.

- The 50% deposit is not refundable.

- When booking your selection, the rental period of 4 days starts right after the payment of the 50% deposit.


- You have the possibility to pay in cash when coming for the pick-up, or with Lydia. A deposit check will be required at the pick-up.

- The rental fee is 25% of the retail price for small accessories such as chokers, cuffs, belts, harnesses...

- The rental fee is 33% of the retail price for garments such as full sets, bras, panties...

- I ask for a deposit check of the total retail price at the pick-up. I will give you it back when I get the items back and after condition checking.

- You may be asked to pay additional fees if the items are damaged. In case of missing items, you will be charged the total retail price.


The pick-up is at my studio in Paris area (accessible by subway). The address will be provided by email.


- Each item rent needs to be cleaned after used and before returned. You can read the material care instructions here.

- An additional fee will be asked if the items are not correctly cleaned.

- Each item will be cleaned and disinfected at the studio before the pick-up.