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Pinhead, also known as The Hell Priest and Lead Cenobite, is the Leviathan's favourite cenobite out of Hell's entire army, because of his understanding of Hell's laws and Leviathan's frame of mind. His head is bald and studded with nails. He is able to summon hooks and chains to mutilate victims, often pulling in several directions to rip them appart. *

Massive choker made from black PVC, rings, big screws and multiple chains. The chains can be placed wherever you want with hooks.

Unique piece, only 1 !


- Handmade and 100% vegan

- Glossy PVC

- Stainless steel , steel, galvanized steel

- Screw size : 70 mm

- Weight : 415g

Adjustable from 29 cm to 41 cm (no custom size possible)


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