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Social distancing they said ? Heavy and impressive spiked face mask, adjustable with an elastic cord and slider

Note 1 : this mask is for aesthetic only, it absolutely won't protect you from Covid-19 or any kind of virus. Made from PVC, so not highly breathable. Be sure to wear an actual mask underneath if you're going out.

Due to the amount of hardware, the mask is heavy.

Note 2 : depending on the shipping format, the big spikes will not be fastened (too big to go into an envelope). Just screw them by hand and you're done ! See last picture 

Note 3 : if not specified "PRE-ORDER" in the title of the product, it means that it can be made to order. If specified "PRE-ORDER", it means that your item will not be made and shipped right away (allow up to 1 month before shipping). Please read FAQs to know more about pre-orders.


- Handmade and 100% vegan

- Glossy PVC

- Black elastic string

- Stainless steel hardware

- weight : 225g 

- approx. 27cm long